Historic Country Mansion, Organic Farm, Vegetarian Cuisine


Solferino is a strategic site, only a few kilometres from the south coast of the Garda Lake, the largest, deepest and cleanest lake in Europe and close to amazing cities of art, UNESCO heritage sites, such as Venice,Verona, Mantua, and Vicenza.

Since twelve years SOLIMAGO, where luxury is absolute tranquillity, a combination of Mediterranean hospitality, simplicity and attention to detail, has been open to an international community of connoisseurs who wish to live an extraordinary experience, immersed in a luxuriant, natural garden, between fields, forests, vineyards, olive groves and orchards, all organic.

A place to feel at home and where one can find himself, think, eat, sleep, and live better.

The ancient, aristocratic Costanza-Fattori’s estate is run today by the heirs, Antonella and Simonetta Licata, who aim to maintain his deep spirit, based on naturalness and elegance, typical of the great tradition of Italian hospitality.

Solimago is an extraordinary place, not conventional at all, almost an independent microcosm, created to be shared with all those who want to return children with their children, to touch the sky with the old trees of the enchanted garden, immerse in a fairy world peopled by magical animals: fireflies, owls, cicadas, butterflies, cats.

A corner of paradise in which to find space and time to relax and enough freedom to undertake new projects and to restart dreaming.

Hospitality takes place in the ancient and fascinating stone made buildings, surrounded by a green and fragrant living world, in marvellous cottages, fully renovated with healthy and sustainable materials, decorated in typical Italian style by mixing high antiques with contemporary design objects.


SOLIMAGO’s houses can accommodate 2 to 12 peoples, they are surrounded by the greenery of the historical garden, with a new concept awesome swimming pool, where the owners live and where SOLIMAGO with its activities is located.

At SOLIMAGO apparently everything is as it was in old times: pace of life, aromas, green fields, hills that provide grapes, olives, vegetables, fruits, herbs, all strictly organically grown and certified (CCPB).

Charm matches everywhere with the principles of contemporary Mediterranean hospitality.

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La Cucina di SOLIMAGO

LA CUCINA DI SOLIMAGO proposes every day different menus, vegetarian and vegan, strictly inspired by the produces of the 12 hectares of SOLIMAGO’S estate. Recipes are based only on fresh and organic ingredients organically grown in our gardens or supplied by reliable organic farmers in the area and processed according to the art and creativity of the chef.

It is an ethic, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, inspired by the tradition of our luxuriant area, the finest gastronomic Mediterranean experiences andenriched by our experience in cooking raw food and wise use of wild herbs, aromatic herbs, spices and superfood often self produced, all this to offer our guests a comprehensive experience of health and beauty.

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SOLIMAGO produces organic wines of character developed according to vegan principles.

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At LA BOTTEGA DI SOLIMAGO, which doubles as reception, guests and visitors can learn about and buy our organic home made products: jams, jellies, juices, syrups, aromatics herbs, tomato sauce, sauces, extra virgin olive oil and, of course, our fine wines.

Solferino, Lago di Garda and Surroundings


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