Solferino is a strategic hub, a few kilometers from the south coast of Lake Garda, the largest, deepest and cleanest lake in Europe and close to the amazing cities of art, UNESCO sites, Verona, Mantua, Venice and Vicenza.

Solimago is a place where luxury is absolute tranquility, a mix of Mediterranean hospitality, simplicity and attention to detail, since 2006 is open to the international community of those who want to live an extraordinary experience, immersed in a lush natural garden, between green fields, vegetable gardens, woods, vineyards, olive groves and orchards, all organic. A place where one can feel at home free to find the inner self, thinking, eating, sleeping, living better.

The reception takes place inside the ancient and fascinating buildings with mighty stone walls, wrapped in a lively, green and fragrant world, in welcoming houses, completely renovated with healthy and sustainable materials, furnished with typically Italian taste by mixing high-end furniture antiques with contemporary design objects.

The ancient, aristocratic Costanza-Fattori property is led today by the heirs Antonella and Simonetta Licata who maintain its deep spirit, based on naturalness and elegance, typical of the great tradition of Italian hospitality. Solimago is a special place, absolutely not conventional, an almost completely self-sufficient microcosm, born to be shared with those who want to become children with their children, touch the sky following the boughs of the secular trees in the stunning garden, immerse in a fairytale world populated of magical animals such as fireflies, owls, cicadas, lizards, butterflies, cats.

A corner of paradise where finding space and time to relax and the freedom to undertake new projects and to be able to start dreaming again.