Let’s enjoy Italian history and feelings. In the small secluded hamlet of Solimago, guests will be able to participate, if they want, in various sensory and cultural experiences, all linked to the understanding of the fresh, organic and romantic world in which they are immersed.

Upon reservation SOLIMAGO organizes:

A guided tour to the large estate, to the historic home and to the 16th century cellar. The visit is followed by a wine tasting.

The diner with guests (Table d’Hôtes), a full organic vegetarian dinner in company of the farm owners, including four courses, pure water, Solimago’s fine wines, coffee and spirits. A splendid opportunity to get to know each other better, have conversation, exchange ideas and tips and taste the refined, typically Italian dishes of our family cuisine.

In September, if they wish, guests can actively participate in the harvests of the precious SOLIMAGO’s grapes and closely follow the preparation of the wines.

Guests can also participate in the olive harvest which takes place at the end of October.

To complete the experience, a convivial lunch will follow as well.