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Solimago's Winery

At Solferino, grapes have been cultivated for thousands of years and produce great, elegant wines, which melt together the strength of a territory not tamed by technology and the soft sweetness of the seasons in this small area, nestled between Garda Lake, Mincio River and the Crown of the Morainic Garda Hills so dear to Virgil when he wrote the Eclogues and the Georgics.

Solimago produces organic wines of character developed according to vegan principles.

The beautiful vineyards, organically grown, branch in the Bark small, green, valley, surrounded by the Renaissance walls of theSolferino’s Castle, on the hill of the Battle and, on the south side, kissed by the summer sun and wind, on the slopes that, terraced, slowly end up towards the Po Valley.

Wines are pressed and aged in the historical mansion secular cellar (XVI century), a huge and magnificent vaulted room, an epic place that during the battle of 1859 was also shelter and salvation for the entire population of the village.

Guests can book wine tastings and guided tours of the vineyards and the cellar, where ancient structures and modern interventions make a spellbinding combination.


Red wine, organic, dark, deep, made from Merlot grapes.



White Wine, organic, dry and aromatic, made from Tokai grapes.



Red wine, organic, powerful and velvety, made from dried Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and matured in oak barriques.



Organic sparkling wine, full of vitality, cheerful, obtained with ancestral method (Available by the glass only at La Cucina di Solimago)